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Verdeca Sette Lune, L'Archetipo - 2017

Verdeca Sette Lune, L'Archetipo - 2017


Verdeca is a white grape variety that can be found only in southern Puglia, where it has been used to produce white wine in the region. Although it has primarily been used to produce everyday wines, the people at L’Archetipo decided to try something new with this grape variety. L’Archetipo’s Verdeca Sette Lune is macerated with the grape skin for 7 lunar cycles to produce an aromatic orange wine that is full of character.


Region: Puglia, Italy


Grape Variety: Verdeca

Flavours & Aromas: Peach, Pear, Jasmine, Black Tea


Size: 750mL

Bottles Per Case: 12

*All prices are listed by the bottle, before applicable taxes.

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