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Terra Di Vento, Enza La Fauci - 2018

Terra Di Vento, Enza La Fauci - 2018


Enza la Fauci makes wine in the north eastern corner of Sicily, close to Messina. Despite the windy weather, she loves her land intensely. Her passion for her home and livelihood is brought to life in the dynamic, bold Terra di Vento (literally translated as ‘Land of the Wind’), a very unique wine made with a variety of local grapes. 


Region: Sicilia, Italy


Grape Variety: Nerollo Mascalese, Nocera, Norello, Cappuccio, Nero d'Avola

Flavours & Aromas: Wild berries, Cherry, Pomegranate


Size: 750mL

Bottles Per Case: 12

*All prices are listed by the bottle, before applicable taxes.

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