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Langhe Bianco, Abrigo Fratelli - 2019

Langhe Bianco, Abrigo Fratelli - 2019


Abrigo Fratelli is a family-run winery in the heart of the Langhe area in Piemonte. This area has a long viticultural tradition and the farmers here are obsessed with the well-being of the vines. Legend says that the Abrigo brothers know every single vine by its name. That myth is certainly evident in the Langhe Bianco, whose combination of many local grape varieties yield a fresh, light white wine on the palate. 


Region: Piemonte, Italy


Grape Variety: Ameis, Favorita, Chardonnay

Flavours & Aromas: Green apple, White flowers, Almonds


Size: 750mL

Bottles Per Case: 12

*All prices are listed by the bottle, before applicable taxes.

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